Drawing up an inventory of landfills, brownfields and potentially contaminated industrial sites consists in accurately identifying the sites (gathering of input data, on-site inspection, integration into a database). These sites are dynamic and are therefore regularly revisited to update their data. The inventory activity is completed with cartographic mapping, scoring and classification of the site using the Auditsite® or Auditsol® software.



This activity is evaluated on the basis of the following actions :

  • allocation of the site code,
  • information provided to the local actors beforehand,
  • identification of the site,
  • detailed visit of the site,
  • cartographic mapping of the site,
  • Auditsite®/Auditsol® based scoring,
  • revisit of the site for updating purposes,
  • summary of available knowledge,
  • information output to the local and/or regional actors.

With the help of municipalities, SPAQuE has drawn up an inventory of 5,408 polluted sites in Wallonia.





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