Auditsol® : a tool for brownfields


Auditsol® is an evaluation tool that allows a site to be classified for the purpose of drawing up a priority list of sites to be rehabilitated. This list is then submitted to the Walloon Government to designate which brownfields are to be rehabilitated by SPAQuE.

For this evaluation, two major criteria are taken into account: the environmental impact (EI) and the socio-economic interest (SEI).

The environmental impact (EI), calculated on a 100-point scale, depends on three factors:

  • the pollution source (sum of pollutants present in the soil, groundwater and wastes),
  • the probability of migration of this pollution,
  • the pollution targets (human targets, groundwater catchments, environmental targets).

The socio-economic interest (SEI) expresses the potential attraction of a site in relation to town-planning, economic and sociological criteria. The SEI is based on the potential, the opportunities, and the existence of an on-site project. It is expressed as a percentage, according to the following three classes:

  • 50 to 100%: great interest,
  • 25 to 50%: moderate interest,
  • 0 to 25%: low interest.

The final Auditsol® diagram integrates the environmental impact and the socio-economic interest. It provides a general overview and facilitates the selection of priority sites. In this diagram, each site is graphically represented according to three other relevant values: the existence of a reason of urgency, the information quality coefficient (or level of knowledge of the site), and the existence of a redevelopment project.

Based on its position in the final diagram, the site is assigned one of four categories:

  1. High priority site: high/very high environmental impact and socio-economic interest,
  2. Priority site: high/very high environmental impact and moderate or low socio-economic interest,
  3. Priority site from a socio-economic perspective: high socio-economic interest and moderate or low environmental impact,
  4. Low priority site: low environmental impact and socio-economic interest.

It should be noted that Auditsol® is applied only at the prioritisation stage. It does not provide any indication of the existence of a serious threat or the necessity of remediating a site. It will always be an overall evaluation.




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