The key strength of SPAQuE is its ability to handle the entire site rehabilitation process. It undertakes its rehabilitation projects according to a rigorous process : the value chain.

The value chain is a sequential enumeration of the scientific and technical activities of SPAQuE’s production chain, which also integrates crosscutting activities. This process allows the costs of a rehabilitation project to be optimised through expertise and know-how.



For brownfields, the process is as follows :

  • historical review (specialists in historical investigation and in the history of industrial processes retrace the history of an industrial site),
  • soil investigations (exploration, characterisation, volumetric analysis),
  • economic, technical and town planning feasibility studies (in relation to the reallocation project),
  • analysis of existing risks,
  • rehabilitation and construction works (site clearing and clean-up, clean-up of remaining buildings and selective deconstruction, sorting of deconstruction materials, removal to recycling facility or on-site crushing, excavation of polluted soil, geotechnical security, deconstruction of remaining foundations, on-site treatment of contaminated soil and/or removal to an authorised treatment facility, groundwater treatment, backfill with healthy soil),
  • analysis of residual risks,
  • water management, where applicable.



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