Established in 1991, SPAQuE is today the consultancy firm reference on issues concerning landfills rehabilitation, brownfields decontamination and environmental expertise. Due to this experience, the company is recognized as
a turn-key operator and main contractor at the international level for its scientific environmental approach.

SPAQuE offers the essential tools and techniques for the implementation of an environmental and health quality management policy based on sustainable development principles.


SPAQuE helps Walloon consultancy firms to export.


SPAQuE is a consultancy firm specialising in :

  • improvement of the knowledge of polluted sites,
  • economic, technical and town-planning feasibility studies of polluted sites,
  • design and implementation of rehabilitation work for polluted sites,
  • design and implementation of rehabilitation work for building sites.

The Company :

  • limited company created in 1991
  • staff : around 80 employees
  • fields of expertise: geology, hydrology, chemistry, biochemistry, agronomy, industrial archaeology, civil engineering, town planning, real estate, legal, financial, economic, communication, etc.
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 Certifications, EMAS Validation

Our references :

  • since its creation, SPAQuE has rehabilitated 53 polluted brownfields and 17 landfills,
  • SPAQuE is managing about 100 sites,
  • SPAQuE has drawn up an inventory of more than 5,000 polluted sites in Wallonia.





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